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Roof Cleaning

The Caltex System
is an opportunity for cleaning and restoring roofs to their original natural color. This is an LVLP [Low Pressure Low Volume] System which does the  following:

-The roof will look "like new".

-The products are organic, non-
toxic, environmentally safe, biodegradable, and approved.

-The Caltex System is safe for use around children, swimming pools, and plants.

-The Caltex System will retard the regrowth of mold, algae, and mildew for 18 months to over 5 years.



After Cleaning

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Roof Cleaning                            Asphalt Shingles, Wooden Shakes, Cement Tiles, Barrel Tiles, Masard Roof, Metal Roof, Slate etc. 

In the Northwest asphalt shingles, slate [old stone], and wooden shakes are popular.

Mold, mildew,algaue, moss,and lichens grow on these roofs. These
contaminants leave black streaks or
entire roofs completely covered with dirt and mold.These unwanted biological organisms and plants stain your roofs, increase the air conditioning bills, and contaminate your your house and back yard with mold and related bio-organisms.

Unfortunately, the solutions to these ugly stained roofs are not very good. pressure washing contractors use bleach or chlorine. The concentrations they use are very high 12-75%. Even at lower concentrations, this simply bleaches the dirt and kills many of the plants surrounding the object to be cleaned.

Facts about Bleach and Chlorine

-Kills the plants and shrubs
-Kills fish or marine life
-Does not clean a roof-only bleaches the dirts
-Acts as a fertilizer
-Higher concentrations of bleach take the color out of your roof
-Only temporarily kills the mold as it comes right back
-Repeated pressure washing with bleach damages the roof surface
-Bleach also turns the cement into sand over repeated use
-Delamine or degreaser based all purpose cleaning solutions soften asphalt shingles because these shingles are made from petroleum based byproducts
-Bleach or chlorine will rust all the metal parts on a house such as gutters
-Bleach can't be used on wooden shakes or asphalt shingles
-If it falls on vinyl siding, it will begin to deteriorate the siding and make it chalky



During cleaning