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Log Home Restoration Services

Log homes have been around for hundreds of years, and people continue to enjoy their rustic and traditional look. But log homes have a common problem, if they’re not properly insulated, elements like wind, rain, and air can enter the home through the gaps in the logs.

The best way to solve this problem is a mortar-like substance known as chinking. Chinking goes between each log to shield the cabin from the elements.

At Artios Painting, we use elastic chinking for the tightest seal as we perform log home restoration in the Rock Island, IL, area.

Benefits of Our Elastic Chinking

Remember that logs swell and shrink with changes in temperature and humidity. Many types of chinking can’t keep up with these changes in the logs, and their integrity begins to fail. Over time, the chinking can crack and pull away from the logs.

The experts at Artios Painting choose elastic chinking because it maintains a tight seal despite temperature and humidity changes. As the logs move, the elastic chinking compresses and stretches as well to fill the joint. However, it maintains its structure and does not stretch out or weaken.

At Artios Painting, we install elastic chinking from top brands like Perma Chink, Log Jam, Sashco, and Log Gevity. We select the ideal types of elastic chinking to give your log home a long life.

Our chinking prevents wind and rain from entering the cabin and also keeps your cabin’s temperature comfortable by preventing warm air from escaping.

Rely on Artios Painting

We have more than 25 years of experience updating and improving homes. In addition to our restoration services, we are trained and equipped to provide any other needed updates to your home.

Our log home restoration services in Rock Island, IL, will protect your cabin and extends its life. Call us today at 309-788-9432.

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