Make Setting Up Holiday Lights A Breeze!

Christmas lights in and around your home are a great way to show your spirit and enthusiasm for the holidays. Icicle lights hanging from your eaves, ropes of colorful bulbs on your roof, and LED strings wrapped around your trees will transform your home into a breathtaking and fanciful display that you, your family, and your neighbors will love.

But hanging all those lights takes a great deal of time, effort, and planning. During the busiest time of year, you might not have the means to decorate your property yourself.

Fortunately, the team at Artios Painting can’t wait to spread some Christmas cheer. Our team offers holiday lighting installation throughout Rock Island, IL, so you can enjoy the beauty without interrupting your busy schedule.

Stay Safe This Holiday Season

As with any roof work, hanging Christmas lights comes with a degree of risk. If you don’t have the proper tools, you could damage your roof. And if you lack the necessary safety equipment, you could injure yourself.

However, we want you to stay safe this year. Our team has the equipment and experience to perform exterior painting, shingle replacement, and roof cleaning, so you can count on us for safe holiday lighting installation as well. We’ll gladly hang your Christmas lights as well as any other décor you may want on your roof, including large wreaths, ribbons, and nativity scenes.

Just let us know how you want your Rock Island, IL home decorated, and our team will work hard to bring your holiday vision to life.

Call 309-788-9432 to Light Up Your Property

At Artios, we do more than just residential work. For over 25 years, we have served residential and commercial clients in Rock Island, IL. No matter if you want to hang garlands over your office door or if you want to place lighted reindeer on your roof, our team is ready to beautify your property.

To schedule our holiday lighting installation services, call 309-788-9432