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Coil Cleaning

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Coil Cleaning

Heating and air conditioning control units, as well as outlet vents require maintenance because their intake vents can get dirty thereby compromising the effectiveness of the facility's heating or cooling. When this occurs, the facility's utility bills can skyrocket.

Many facilities utilize a contractor to perform regular cleaning on the system to prevent these problems from occurring. If they are not maintained, air, laden with contaminates such as mold, dirt, and dust can be breathed regularly by every customer that enters the facility. Depending on the type of contaminates, adverse health conditions can result. This is the basic reason that many commercial establishments, engage in such a preventive maintenance program.

Where Can Coils And HVAC Systems Be Found?

-Retail Establishments
-Office Buildings
-Manufacturing Facilities
-High Rises

Why Clean Coils On HVAC Units?

-It saves on energy costs because the coils work more efficiently.
-The coils can be maintained at their peak efficiently.
-It prevents expensive equipment  breakdowns.
-indoor air quality improves and reduces the potential for any breathing or airway problems.
-The shelf life of your products is increased because the system is working more efficiently.
-Eliminates any indoor odors.
-Helps prevent slip and fall accidents.

Dirty coils interfere with the adequate heat transfer which causes higher discharge pressures. Higher discharge pressures mean that it takes more electricity to do the same job. This costs money. Dirty coils cost as much as 37% more to operate as its energy consumption increases. In fact, higher temperatures and system pressures resulting from not being maintained, can result in the breakdown of compressor lubricant.

-Dirty coils reduce cooling
-Dirty coils shorten equipment life span
-Dirty coils affect air quality
-Dirty evaporators spread mold and biological contaminates

Formation can result in acid burn out of equipment. Compressor failure means no cooling and compressor replacement can be very expensive. Prevention and care are the best approaches