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Ceiling Tile Cleaning

Ceiling Cleaning

This Is NOT Painting Or Replacement!

Ceiling Tiles Cleaned Like They Were When New!

The Caltex cleaning process restores a dirty surface to a like new condition at a small fraction of the cost of painting or replacement.


-Since the 1960s, billions of square feet of ceilings have been installed in nearly every building.
-Millions of square feet is replaced every year because the ceiling are dirty.
-Painting ruins the acoustical value and lowering the fire rating. it is also expensive.
-Replacing acoustical ceiling is very expensive, disruptive to normal business operations and does not solve the problems of dirty grids, vents, and lighting fixtures.

What Are The Many Types Of Ceilings That Need Cleaning?

-Sprayed on Textured
-Porous and Non-porous
-Rough Textured

What Makes Ceilings Dirty?

-Dirt and Mold
-Carbon from AC units


The Caltex Oderless Acoustical dry Cleaning System is less expensive than replacement.  and It is less expensive than painting. All can be accomplished in a one step process with odorless, biodegradable, USDA approved, non-toxic, and environmentally safe product and procedures.

During Cleaning
Not Painted

Ceiling Cleaning Before and after example using the Caltex Solution.
What Are The Benefits Of Cleaning Versus Painting Or Replacement?

-Cleaning results in less waste than discarding used tiles.
-Retention of fire retardant and acoustic properties.
-Tiles are cleaned, and tile odors are removed.
-Cost less than painting or replacement of tiles of approximately 50%.
-Crews work at night or during non business hours so no disruption occurs for the customer.
-There are no fumes or odors from the cleaning process itself.
-With maintenance, the ceilings will remain new and because replacement of tile is not occurring, landfill wast is not increasing.

What Types Of Businesses Often Have Acoustical Ceilings?

-retail establishments.
-Office Buildings.
-Universities, Adult care facilities, hospitals, and More!

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